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County Jail Bail Bonds is family owned and operated in the State of Ohio and nationwide. We know the system and had personally trained all of our agents in the " trick of the trade. " We can get your bond don with fast, affordable and friendly service.

Our bail bond service include:

* Fugitive Bonds                        * Traffic Bonds
* Felonies                                 * Misdemeanors
* Warrants                                * Bail Bond Information
* Surety Bonds                          * Arranged By Phone

Getting arrested or having a loved one get arrested in the State of Ohio or nationwide can be an especially difficult event. We expedite your bond, whether it be in Columbus, Lancaster, Newark, Delaware, Dayton, Akron or any other city in Ohio. Our goal is to provide the best service possible while still being affordable. That's why our motto is "Lowest Price, Best Service, Period!"

We can help you anywhere, in any jail, any bond, anytime. We're here to help 24/7.

Call us now at (614) 604-9261 or (877) 592-9688 for fast, affordable bail bonds.

Here’s what we’ll need in order to assist you:
  • The full name of the person in jail and where they were arrested. With this information we will be able inform you of the charges and bail amount.
  • Next, we will need you to complete a bail bond application.
  • Once the application is complete and payment is made an agent will “post” the bond.
  • Shortly afterwards your friend or relative will be free on bond. They will need to show up for any subsequent court dates.

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* 24/7 Instant Bail Bond Approval
* Credit Release By Phone
* Flexible Bail Bond Payment Plans
* All Jails, All Bails.
* Agents in Most County's in Ohio
* We Do Bonds Across All States Nationwide.


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